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Because you have made ​​of yourself unworth



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    I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰[♚ MENE ★TECHEL ★PERES] ♰ PAX ♰CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰[♚ MENE ★TECHEL ★PERES] ♰ PAX ♰CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself" I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰[♚ MENE ★TECHEL ★PERES] ♰ PAX ♰CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself" ♰by★Rei Unius ♥ King ♥Israel♥ Mahdì

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    AMEN. ☠ pax ☠ + + ♰ ☠ pax ☠ alleluia AMEN. ♰ ♰ PAX ♛ Terror Took possession of: the children of darkness. AMEN. ☠ ☠ pax + + ♰ ☠ ☠ pax alleluia AMEN. ♰ ♰ PAX ♛ terrore prese possesso: i figli delle tenebre.

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    Because you have made ​​of yourself unworthy: of the gift of the sight, That has gave to you, by your Creator? in your old age? you'll be completely blind!

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    47 minuti fa Mi ha detto il Signore: "Chiunque parlerà male di te, così sarà messo a morte...., perché si diffonda il terrore nel popolo dei cattivi e al contempo possa essere sollevato il popolo dei buoni!"


11_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III
1_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III][Agony of Christianity] This is the NWO: Powerful: is constantly absorbing of the Sovereignty of all the: Peoples: to the point that: the policy is: Weakened more: and more discredited: are powerless. Declares know the policies: but, and Its failure to exercise the government. Fail policy: and: are the Technical, to takes over the Government: ie, all bankers, and their Masons: all jewish lobby .. As menacing is: this situation for all people: all: Transformed into little men: in fact, all: Politicians and all: Governments are terrified: is more and more to play: the role of: puppet actors: all performances: Becomes hypocrisy : The reality has Become the theater.

2_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III]while the powerless people await the collapse inevitable! why, who has the money: says and always writes: what the story is been: and which: must still be! You are with both feet on an: abyss! only the monarchy: of unius Rei can counter all this! [Agony of Christianity] certainly: been is: shocking: for Hitler: for to note: the hardness of: heart: the cynicism: the cruelty and predation of the: Rabbis of the IMF: and the complicity of all leader of: all Jewish communities: about IMF. for do the despair of the German people: that: were literally, to died of: hungry: therefore: Hitler: was doing opposed: to: this demonic instinct parasitic of Jews: but, then: has finished: for: imitating their worst failings and crimes

3_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III] Racism, murder, predation .. since, is: this whole business: of the IMF: is: it all: a worldwide network: Masonic: institutional multinational: Bildenberg, monopolies, Trilateral: ECB FED, etc. .. from it created .. a structure so complex and articulated: that: confuses the mind, and not: can see for: the concept: of: a vision of: together: while: the few: that, to can see the criminal plan of the IMF: in his general picture is taken from discouragement: and of liabilities. [Agony of Christianity] in this context: that is, in the context of: a single center of: power: on: the whole planet: NWO! as why: can't exist the territorial reality: of: a state of the Jews: it must be destroyed

4_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III]because: Satanists have a single identity: only Satan, ie, Baal, ie, the god Marduk: ie, owl at the Bohemian Grove? in short, is: always one and the same reality: Satanism! thus the culture of conflict: will the sole purpose of the NWO: ie, manifest politically: in the conduct: of business for glory of Satanism. for tearing: finally, of the veil: of fiction that: is the IMF: has stretched: out on all institutions: for: to build the program aliens: and other programs distressing: all: crowned programs: success: in this scenario: the loss: of the life: of all biological organic on all surface: of the planet: for the planned: 3 ° nuclear WW? no. not is: the greatest evil! but is satanist that wins.

5_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III] is why, the Agony of Christianity: is also this scenario: of an Islam terrorist: that is essential to demonstrate: IMF wants to prove: that Islam is worse of the Nazism: its nature is: evil: suffocating destructive! Fighting Islam is: essential: is: a matter of life, or: of death: for all mankind.. here's how: Illuminati have created: artificially: the reasons of the: immense massacre of: this: 3° WW nuclear: because that: not: it is forgotten: that: in every war? only: those that: are the winners? are only the bankers! of: done: the Illuminati give: the illusion: is at Islam as, at the atheism: of can win a war: that instead: it must be won: necessarily, from Luciferism:

6_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III][Agony of Christianity] Because: also: the Jews themselves: they can not imagine: that: the real Satanists? are actually their rabbis! Christianity: not: been is: defeated: for cultural: or: spiritual: but, only: through: the masonic deception: intimidation murders. corruption: betrayal: ie: the degradation and impoverishment: has wins: for do the anarchism: for establishment of banking seigniorage? this is been: the failure of law... ie: the conspiracy of the: Rothschild: In fact, the Constitution: not admit: 1. secret societies: of: rich citizens: as Freemasonry: 2. and not admit: the sale: of the monetary sovereignty: here's why: is: important: to show an: fake Christianity florid:

7_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III] through: the fiction: of one only Jewish: Net Work. while progressively: and irreversibly: is been empties: of the: moral values and Christian: all Peoples Western. [Agony of Christianity] the tragedy of Kosovo? is: emblematic: the fake bombers Christians: of NATO: have defend the Muslims: and have destroy: every trace: of Christian in the region! thus: an estimate of: 160,000 Christian martyrs: every year: is: hidden: by all official governmental agencies: why, they are all placed under control: of the Masonic Banking Seigniorage: IMF: the aim: is the destruction: of the faith in God: in general: and the faith: of Christianity's: in particular.

8_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III]that is: most advanced culturally: and spiritually. The true goal? is the slavery: of: all whole human race: because the children of Israel: that: not: they had scruples: to: sell into slavery: their own brother "Joseph": not: have respect for human nature. [Agony of Christianity] also: places: countries, nations, historically assured as several African nations and Bosnia Albania: ecc.. where Christianity and Islam: has lived in perfect harmony: for centuries ..? This wonderful balance: is Been: interrupted when they arrived: the money: of the Saudi Arabia: and ideologies: imperialist and murderous: and intolerant of the: Salafis!

9_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III][Agony of Christianity: end of hope] The Christians were exterminated: even in locations where they are absolutely innocent: as in Iraq, since the propaganda that: Americans are Christians? is: a Zionist propaganda: and Salafi: because: they are only: the Masons of the IMF: to have the control: of the: West. ie, the synagogue of Satan: that: was: made: by the Pharisees Rabbis of the IMF: called Illuminati: 1. have approving: for a culture: of the conflict: between: all religions: 2. have decided: to make submissions: against the Christianity (that it is: primarily: an system: of values precious: that: promotes the dignity of: every man: however, all denied or derided):

10_11.[Unius REI: vs: WW III] but however, in strong position: of: friction: against Islam: or: any other system: religious or ideologic! Christianity has been done become: as: artificially: in mode ideologically hostile .. well: while: in reality: the Christianity is: supremely peaceful, tolerant, benevolent:. but it is forced. to: having to endure: unjustly, of the opposition: of all. for guilty of the IMF: 666: that, is in agreement: with his Talmud, for decided to destroy: all religions: why, the very soul criminal: of rabbinic synagogue, is: Satanism itself. for: Enlightened Jew IMF? even the Jewish religion is: an: screen!

] this is: why: is the culture of the conflict: that: he did fail the culture: of the: multiculturalism: ie, the dialogue and of the: fertilization mutual .. in a word, the my universal brotherhood, is failed: because: as he says: in the Masonic sect: of Bush: 322 "skull and bones" is: indispensable to harm to all peoples. for to be able to dominate all! But, this is the denial of the God of Genesis: and: the statement: of the epic babilosese: of the god Marduk or Baal. only: my monarchy: universal: metaphysics: humanistic and personalistic of MARITAIN: ie: of : Unius REI: son of Melchisek: may be: only: your survival!