1 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] this work [CHRISTIAN THE BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES: THE MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte: EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO:]? is the answer: this one masterpiece that: paradoxically fell: under the censorship: "[[[Ariel Toaff: Easters of Blood: European Jews and ritual murder: the publishing company: The Mill] censorship: in this case is not stupid and ignorant, but crime is ideological because the Jewish bankers "Illuminati" have lost: the complicity forced the Jewish community: support: always enjoyed them: to throttle all the nations, even despite any Holocaust or shaoah: made subject to the chosen people of our Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the hope of Isarele ..

2 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES], but we all know: as, I am the Messiah Hebrew, King of Israel, and only king of Humankind: unius REI. So, if I audience something?No one can challenge it to me! because the intentions of censorship are not the ones to avoid an anachronistic anti-Semitism that: it is instead: the physiological system of the bank seigniorage banking and Freemasonry! Ariel Toaff: is the famous scholar of the illustrious Chief Rabbi: Judaism Italino Representative: architect of the ecumenical language: His Holiness John Paul II .. Toaff is my brother, because he like me is a Zionist for the Kingdom of Israel!]]] [[[Chapter XIII: To die and kill for the love of God:]]] THE CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES: THE MODERN SYNAGOGUE .

3 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] REVELATIONS: Neophyte: EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO: The title? Is it all a mental imbalance, but nobody should think that: the insane lack of logic: their problem is represented: only: from false premises! Because: it is evident that, I can not kill (ie, violate the 5 th commandment): an innocent Christian child: so: his blood to cleanse me, from 3 rd commandment, that I have committed, not respecting the Sabbath : (ie: make a sin more: to purify another sin less? But this: is the best way: to receive an "evil evil": that is, receive extraordinary generational curses: as if to say: "for too muchscience has become an idiot! ").

4 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] As it is written: "I will confound the wisdom of the clever" ... But: all of this: instead: it is only logical: if: the Talmud that: for all Jews in the world is the holy word of God. he himself says that: Christians are animals in human form! It is in this way that Christians have replaced the children: the lost sheep of the Jewish temple: while the adults have replaced donkeys: how naive some rabbi is saying! This document? is authentic! These crimes? They are committed today as I am committed yesterday and will always be committed as long as Judaism does not decide to repeal the Talmud, and this can only be done under the authority of the King of Israel! But, thinking that Jews know: these topics?

5 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] or who know do not be afraid: they, too: to lose his life? is pure madness! If: then: I must not forgive all the various categories of cowardly traitors: If you repent: even those who: have gone to swear to Satan in Freemasonry? Then, I should be: worse: 3 ° of nuclear WW: that: I am looking for: to avoid: the whole human race!But even crazier: that is to think: the expulsion of Jews from various countries: they're just mean the fruit: a superstitious attitude: because we know how: it is serious: the Catholic Church in his pronouncements! Although: The Illuminati: through: 5 centuries of our system: Masonic and banking: destroyed: most of the documents:

6 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] unfavorable to them: and they "are the pure" have spread: evolution: and every form of perversion and Satanism: only: for legal reasons: to destroy other Jews: because we (all people) like animals: the human form: we have no right: you can rely on: it: we were created by God only, to be exploited by the Jews according to the ideology of the Babylonian god Marduk: it is the denial or ideological opposition of the biblical Genesis (and it is this: Satanism: that the Babylonian Talmud says and orders to do that: it has become: even: more important than the Torah in all communities: Jewish scatteredfor the world!)

7 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] and as it is appalling that the Talmud says?As he puts only the premise of human sacrifice (LOL.avi I mean animals in human form) of the blood, that the teachings: that: have not discovered, have been handed down: only orally from father to son (an only child possibly firstborn but, in this way: however: they do not understand that they have become Satanists). Their power today is at the top: it is the culmination of an extraordinary Masonic pyramid (the masters of all our money at interest (bank seigniorage): that is, very few: men who: are the owners of at least 200% : value: all the money in circulation: in the world), thanks to the traitors: the politicians and leaders of the rich:

8 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] around the world: it is a power of extermination of all the rich against all the nations that can not be challenged: human, that can not be controlled by the institutions visible: all the daughters of bank seigniorage : by: the foundation: the Bank of England! The Illuminati: they have manipulated the sources of history: in their interest as well: even the Catholic Church was forced to lose its age-old memory now aware of his impotence and futility, of all the centuries of desperate fighting: Freemasons: having taken possession of political power have betrayed the truth, since their founding principle: for their economic interest, for their thirst for power:

9 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES], as were the Jews to create all this along with communism and democracy. But: everything can not be destroyed: and every historian worthy of the name: he knows the acts of the court of Trento and martyrs of the four children: (CHIRICHETTI Italian) canonized: the Catholic Church! The Catholic Church which never, in 2000 years: did: a pronouncement wrong! But, today, after centuries of desperate and unequal struggle: after: 600 excommunications: against Freemasonry: the Catholic Church has been reduced to silence because the men have decided to go to hell: in bulk! This empire of evil: the Jewish and British: banking and Masonic dominates and uses: Human Gender: more than 500 years:

10 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] for religious reasons (domination and subjugation: the whole human race: in the name of the ideology of the Talmud)! This is an empire of evil: an absolute power! Of which the Jews themselves: they are the designated victims: Since more than others: they have betrayed the rigid moral dictates: that of the rabbis "Pharisees" or ILLUMINATED: they have imposed on ourselves: formally: hypocritical: and so the fundamentalist: because: as we shall see in this very long document: using them: the blood of Christians (animals in human form): they kill: can the following way: to purify their sins! But, since: the Torah condemns to death the transgressors: the law: and everyone knows that they do not believe the New Testament!

11 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] The religion he ILLUMINATI: rabbis and Pharisees: it does not proselytizing: it is based: on ties of blood only, since it is the only religion that prevents proselytizing: it's become : a hatred truly absolute and invincible against all mankind: for the destruction of all Jews bastards: that is, Jews who do not have lines of blood that exceed: 2500 years. Or the destruction of all Jews who have betrayed the Torah!But, though: each document relating to the crimes described: in this paper: they were destroyed? My word would be enough: to authenticate this document: for I am the only man in the history of mankind:

12 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] that does not need to prove that: said: Indeed I am: the metaphysical unius Rei. It is the same Holy Spirit to authenticate: in all creatures: my authority! And to apply a sentence of destruction against all rebels! Since the strength of my political authority: it belongs: to the Kingdom of God and is not related to my biological body: so: however: and in every way: my office: you can only use up: After the next 50 years! If the Jews knew this document: that is, about Christian blood in rituals by the rabbis? they would know: what: They're about to die along with all mankind: and this: is the reason why: they also do not know anything but: this document

13 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: RITES IN JEWISH] Jews must also include: what are the grounds of all institutions in the world thanks to their naive complicity and what are the real reasons for each: Shaoh: or Holocaust: in the whole history of Israel (these last 3000 years): because these criminals are: fanatics who have taken control of Israel and the Jewish religion have corrupted! So it is essential for us to go to the knowledge of the occult world of the Illuminati!Because they are still forced to make these sacrifices of blood: Because they do not know another remedy for their sins and their diseases! "Blood is life": the Bible says! Honestly I do not think I'll be hated by them:

14 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] because: they too want to be helped: they want to get out: of this their nightmare: that is, from the abyss of despair in which Satan holds them captive! [Because: the institutions have prevented: the presence of this document to: text: all over the web. For good reasons: in fact: there is, in this paper: a logic of mutual acceptance: or recognition: their truth: between Jews and Christians, but there is an attitude of excommunication: intolerant and mutual (between Christianity and Judaism). Positions, now largely superseded by the history of these two religions. However, the danger is, that: this tedious and repetitive document: I summed up (in the non-significant):

15 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] can stir up a new: late: the anachronism: anti-Semitism in the social component! Also because: the real culprits: of all this is only a special class of rabbis. Also: as explained in this paper: even by its author: the Jews are very few: they do: and that they know: of: these crimes: ugly: Due to the small number: of rabbis in the world: globalists: the masters of the Bank World: IMF. namely: large Jewish bankers: it actually: they are Satanists, from our point of view: but: are puritans: the real gurus: from their point of view because they are the scribes: and the Pharisees, who took control of the Jewish religion.

16 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] so this document: was prepared by me: so that: is known to Jews as it is they who must have in courage to emerge: from their subconscious nightmares: more horrible to their ancestral past (today: and: for the next: 365 days: they have not: yet still nothing to fear before the great terror is wide open again!) because: contrary? there could be a future: humanly possible it for them: how, even for us. If the story does not want to be revived: in an even more dramatic and devastating because of the new technologies of destruction and mind control and spiritual. I will and I will be: the King of Israel!

17 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] Since the Illuminati: MAY: entrust their lives: only in my hands! Therefore, this document is not a threat: for a jew, but, we all have to be: close to them: to listen to them all our love and our encouragement! This: It is strategic in any way the Jews must feel threatened: for: their instinct for self-protection and survival, they would flee again: in themselves: namely, in their dark: subconscious: the time has come: foreveryone around the world to understand: that we are one family, since no one could be sure: alone! Or if the security of someone being threatened!

18 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] here is because they can not get out: this common threat: without us, and us we could not be saved without them: no one could do it alone! since: is this curse of: ILLUMINATI, that will kill us all: all together! Thus, in these days: we can only hope, that something of strategic importance: it can move among the Jews!Because: the last bastion: In our defense: the Catholic Church was gagged; and sometimes rightly discredited! When: every historical document: the Blood Christian Jewish rites: destroyed! well: in this way: it is unthinkable groped a contrast: an anachronism: when that was impossible: the path of violence!

19 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES], but we can: with our sincere love in the spirit of Jesus, Gandhi, etc. .. We can believe: that you can build a society: World: finally humanizing: secular society: the universal brotherhood! This document: it fills us with horror of the innocent victims who are still sacrificed, but: it fills the compassion and emotion: to consider: how the International Jewish system: IMF-New World Order is able to reach: a level of Satanism and despair so great! You can not deal with: this work without keeping the stomach in his hand: as: in these topics are widely overstepped the limits of man: for all these occult practices:

20 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] which were taken up and amplified as well: from U.S. institutional satanism, and now Europe: namely, the approximately 200,000 human sacrifices, of every year made to the power of Satan, as the FBI: he said to do: because: can not find: a single culprit for all those crimes: and it was: made: an army of Satanists, that is so: tenacious: convinced that: Satan will win against all the human race: it is this trustworthy staff who have been entrusted with the secret weapons the U.S. military and strategic: how, too: the management of underground bases: the aliens and their flying saucers! if the Jews do not have the courage to face:

21 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] that their darkness: that is, to have the task heartbreaking and painful to bring to light all the wounds of their distant past, and their abysmal dark subconscious? Then: there is hope for all mankind! but it represents: the dark and hidden: the reality of some of them: that is, the most powerful men on the planet! Just for those whose primary interest to know: to do emerge from the subconscious to the conscious!All crimes reported in this paper are real and are still committed in secret by this small group of vicious fanatics who pervert the Word of God revealed: since the Talmud and the Kabbalah:

22 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] took control of all our institutions through seigniorage banking and Freemasonry! A sign for everyone, "whoever does not believe that: both his compassion and mercy to prevail? Do not read this document: because it would only hurt him!" Is well known: around: youtube: for all these years: where: I 'lorenzojhwh "I have exercised: my ministry political and theological: unius Rei for about 6 hours: every day: such as I have been gifted by God of a particular: the rational intuitive feature: the Metaphysics: to be me: the legendary and mythical figure of the metaphysical UNIVERSAL Re: the only leader: of the whole human race.

23 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] here's why: in spite of all documentation: destroyed by the current owners of the world: that is, from REAL principals: and authors of all these crimes: I can testify, through: the authorities of my ministry : that: all the facts described: this means the document are true: given the good faith of those: who have believed: to give: to the Jews: the unfounded guilt: whether the death: some person in an improper manner! I write this document: mainly: for the Jews: because their power is real and is superior to that of our governments: and our religions: it is now a universal power: they are: it must decide: then:

24 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] our common destiny and must make the determination: you want to get out of this curse: or: want to fall: again, together with all peoples in the well-deserved divine punishment: since The last word will be that of a Creator God: angry: to have done: him: perfect love and perfect justice: a god of horror and cruelty: therefore, it is possible to hope: the mercy of those : who put on the God of Abraham: the hideous mask of Satan himself: Talmud: Reincarnation: Sharia: communism! We need to understand: that the Jews are men like us .. evidence that the extreme to which the Jews were subjected, because their God:

25 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] YHWH has abandoned them: after that, they had betrayed the covenant and committed idolatry: opposing the Torah: the oral traditions of their rabbis (which resulted in the Talmud): We can not judge history but, we can and must: be responsible for: the future of our children! here's why: This document is important! We can not say it: the Jews have had a terrible story .. that brought them appropriately (racism) and unjust (libel): several times: on the brink of extinction: this: is their problem! And this is not one of our interest in their favor! In addition, our rescue against them: it is not motivated only: the fact that: they are our masters;

26 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] that the masters of the IMF-New World Order, and have the real power: on every strategic resource .. but, because all we have to have mutual love for each other .. we can not think that the problem of one: it is also the problem of all! Thus, the incredible Jewish condition: it has allowed a terrible secret hidden management ", that alone can justify the seigniorage transfer: that is, the most important institution in the world, but it is forbidden to speak publicly! Few errors of this work: are the complexity of the statements contained herein! but we are not Nazis, to fall as: stupid: in this trap of hate and racism! ie: the old and false accusation: to feel guilty: the Jews:

27 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] the crime of extermination of the people: because of the bank seigniorage! Slander real in turn, covered by many other lies and superstitions: Crime Today: It is made from only the world: the IMF, but: that: as yesterday and today: still: it will be charged: to all the people all (Jews included). Indeed, to date: the silence is deafening: all institutions: and of all religions with respect to this crime: bank seigniorage, because these Satanists called enlightened Jews: after destroying the Catholic monarchies: then, they have gagged the Catholic Church: this, after centuries of bloody battles and hundreds: of unnecessary excommunication from the Catholic ...

28 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] that: then, this enormous crime: the outrage against Constitutional sovereignty: Jews has nothing to do with the lot: it is shown by the fact: that the Jews innocent were put to death too easily: despite being innocent! since it's only the ideological and practical Satanism: Rothschild: 666, and his partner of snacks: 322: Bush! Of this document? the network: you can only: to find images in the format: pdf.] so that: in this work: that in a text: it is therefore to be considered: one of my first fruits: or my intellectual property: for: me nothing can be denied ! So my work is: a "unique literary": so: this document is granted only:

29 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] reproduction or publication or dissemination of the whole document: format drive: including all additions or comments. Reflections: How subtractions: made by me: for practical reasons? Not invalidate the content: this repetitive and tedious: document: therefore: this intellectual property: it is forbidden: thus: reproduction partial or modification: or: of his translation, that's my interpretation: everything is bound: andproperty: prof. Lorenzo Scarola: that yields: free of charge: the world like any other document of history: that is, and remains: heritage of all mankind! All authorities are asked to respect my rights!

30 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] [[this document is strictly prohibited to minors: and all the people who think that it is not love, and perfect equality: men: the unique solution to all the evils of the world]] THE CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES: THE MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO: FOR THE FIRST TIME: PUBLISHED IN ITALY: THE GREEK VERSION: Professor of NFS [[Belief to the vagaries of this document? it seems really hard! but if these Jews were imprisoned in ghettos, and if nations were frequently expelled from? must be something monstrous really existed: in the Jewish society .. If these monstrosities: always existed: or if you have been the consequence of the persecution:

31 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] resulted from the accusation of being God-killers? I can not know this! But: what should never be forgotten is: all the incredible violence and injustice: that this people, wanderer: the minority has had to suffer and endure! since one can not doubt the seriousness of the Catholic Church and all its "official pronouncements" and also, if this document: it is now: obviously anachronistic: it must be known .. because: something monstrous is derived from here: namely, the seigniorage banking: Modern: that without this explanation could not have another explanation .. This is that: it has been programmed: to crush out of sight: all the nations, and above all:

32 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] the precious (if: they are convinced: they have been chosen: to show the world the holy face: the law and justice of God) or deadly (if you are convinced, as a racist: the their boasted: genetic superiority: or theological) people of the Jews: that must have: priestly duties: and for this reason: they become the real victims of these: Jewish bankers: Satanists: IMF: NWO. Like: all the tragedies of the people "elected" showed: because their curses predate the founding of Christianity] [censorship? is typical: the most devastating and criminal, dictatorial regime: because only criminals are afraid of the truth or a historical document that they say has no social relevance:

33 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] but this: is the dramatic truth: we are in a false democracy of the scheme: Jewish and Masonic bank: that is, the bank seigniorage, that was robbed all of us: all those, that have forsworn their Constitution!] [if I will not be unius Rei and King of Israel? Few of: you will be able to survive in this already scheduled 3 rd WW nuclear Masons Masons of all the great: as Albert Pike knew the projects including the destruction of the State of Israel, to which no one could think at the beginning of 1900][nothing is more destructive of racism: that of conceiving: himself superior to another man for some reason: ethnic politics: ideological or religious! Since this is the devil:

34 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] influences come to make God (or the supreme authority of philosophy) a racist, but: this is a total perversion .. only because it is necessarily the source of life!]] is surprising today: theological ignorance: the author of this document, which was a collective ignorance: that the Jews pushed into despair: So the Christians could not understand: how they themselves could become the cause of the same attitudes of reaction, except that: the characteristic of the Jewish people is to remember and celebrate: this memory! That's why the ability to forgive is more difficult for them than for us!(This document can not be found: on the Internet: in text: because of censorship Jewish and Masonic: However, to me:

35 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] "lorenzojhwh": political and theological ministry: for universal brotherhood: youtube: nothing can be denied: for I am truly the king of Israel, planned by God for the salvation of mankind : 3 ° from the planned nuclear WW:! and if these heinous crimes have disappeared: either they are the legacy of some psychopath: the climate of racism that has been elected by the people: because of the Talmud and the Kabbalah: is real!) If this phenomenon has become invisible as the 200,000 : human sacrifice to Satan, the reason is given only by the fact that: when you enter the horror: the human mind to protect itself from the madness is automatically forced to do an operation to remove the problem.

36 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] And as the wild rabbit, that: the ermine sees jump, but paralyzed: he can not move .. because the level of fear is so 'high that fear is removed: lost: so: the social body every opportunity to respond! APPENDIX A HISTORICAL FOLLOWS: LAWN: TYPOGRAPHY GIACHETTI, C. & SON .1883 .. Portrait of the Monaco greek: Neophyte former: Moldavian rabbi. "Benedictus Deus here vult omnes: Salvos homine proud." CHRISTIAN THE BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES: THE MODERN SYNAGOGUE: *** Editor's Preface Italian: Neophyte Monaco greek: jew born in Moldova: to: the middle of last century, transforming himself from Rabbi: In the Christian, in his age of thirty-eight years, he published in 1803: Moldovan language:

37 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] his important: no less: that curious: booklet entitled to him: "'Rebuttal: the religion of the Jews and their rituals, demonstrating S.Scriptures old and new. "". Which, translated into modern greek by John and George: by others in Arabic, was published several times: Nafplion of Romania, in Constantinople and elsewhere in the East and abundant in various editions. All of course: they were little by little, collected and destroyed by the Jews, of course very interested: to do away with all traces of the revelations: this book contains: about: the secret of their bloody ritual, of which the former Rabbi Neophyte goes the clearest evidence: and the most minute details: it is known that:

38 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] in the same East now: you can not find now, almost more than yours ... "The reason for this shortage: is gold jew that: corrupts try" make disappear from the world: even the memory. "Among us, then in the West, and especially in Italy, we believe: that: very few, they are: that: even know the existence of this booklet. It is true: that speech: he quoted: several traits: Achille Laurent, member of the Eastern Company, on page 378 and following: Volume: 2 °: of the insignia of his works: Relation historique: depuis des Affaires de Syrie 1840: 1842 jusqu'en etc.. Paris, Gaume 1846, and that he copied it : also: part: Mr. Gougenot des Mousseaux in his book Le Juif Judaism and the Judaisation:

39 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] des peuples Chretiens, Paris: Plon, 1869.But besides: these two works, and especially before Laurent are now exhausted and difficult to come by (no doubt for the same: gold jew sake), not citing them, that few lines of the libretto of a Neophyte, leaving always desire his fuller knowledge. Which we were able to obtain, first, for the benefit of the aforementioned: Damietta character: who owned a copy: in the Arabic version: there consignment its Italian version. Which, strictly speaking, there would have been sufficient for this purpose. But since, after more research, got hold of a copy: Greek edition PRESENTED: in Constantinople in 1834: in typography patriarchal

40 from Mr. John George: above: Mantua (already mentioned above), and procuratane: a learned professor: a new version (identical, in fact, the concepts, from Damietta to speditaci) believed the time has come: should be: to present part, that: is our purpose to readers: Italians, Jews and Christians .... etc. .. continues .. etc. .. [[@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .-- brothers! I have my divine nature, and my perfect and dynamic perpetual: sanctification: Jesus of Bethlehem, the Christ! However, I as Toaf? we are Zionists for the kingdom of Israel! is this great love that I have given up my identity: Nationality: Religion!What you see me? is only a shell! I have become: truly:

41 [CHRISTIAN BLOOD: THE JEWISH RITES] the heart of the world: the universal brotherhood! has arrived: for you: time to eliminate from your symbol is the Star of Satan that: is the IMF!